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The Natural Funeral Company offer a range of easy planning options from fixed price prepaid funerals to free pre-planning.  Designed to suit all budgets and needs we can custom design an option for you.

Planning can be done by our online planning form service, request a planning kit or simply download our simple planning form and post back to us.

Prepaid Funerals

What is a prepaid funeral ?

Prepaying a funeral with The Natural Funeral Company is a simple and popular option, as it allows you to lock in your funeral at today’s prices, with no future payments required. 

Much like making a will or taking out life insurance, prepaying your funeral takes care of the future. You can personalise your funeral and to ensure your exact wishes are carried out when the time comes.

It also relieves your loved ones of the financial and emotional strain of them having to organise the service totally themselves, offering them peace of mind in their time of grief.

There are many choices that need to be carefully considered, and our experienced staff can help advise you on the best options for your needs and budget.


Why prepay?

We can relieve the financial and emotional strain of arranging and paying a funeral with our custom designed prepaid funerals.  Everything can be paid for and planned in advance.

Preplanning your funeral arrangements with The Natural Funeral Company means our unique style, compassion, care and dignity will be there for those who are left behind, and the service will be as you want it.

Pre-planned funerals - No money changes hands

What is a funeral plan?

A funeral plan is a safe and structured way to plan for your funeral in advance to avoid leaving your family with all the decisions as to what you may or may not have wanted on your passing. Payment of the funeral is taken care of by the estate or by funeral insurance when the time comes. You are under no obligation but at least all the critical information needed to arrange a funeral is lodged with your funeral director of choice.

If you wish to setup a free funeral plan, please complete the following easy online form, or click here to download and print a form to post to us. Once your planning form is received, we will prepare a copy of your wishes into a convienent folder and post to you to keep with your personal papers.

Funeral Bonds

Funeral plan bond

A funeral bond provides a capital guaranteed investment vehicle, with the specific purpose of meeting your future funeral expenses.

Key features and benefits:

  • Your contributions and allocated bonuses are secure as you are invested in a capital guaranteed fund.
  • You can open an account with as little as $100 and can set up your own regular instalment plans and put in as much or as little as you like.
  • You have the freedom to stop paying instalments at any time and without penalty if your circumstances change.
  • Annual bonuses are exempt from personal income.
  • Funeral bonds are not viewed as part of your personal assets and are exempt from the Centrelink and Department of Veteran Affairs Income and Assets test (up to $12,000 indexed each year).
  • You can nominate your own funeral director and type of service you would like and have the flexibility to change this at any time.
  • You can obtain a funeral bond regardless of your age or condition of health.

Have you talked about it?

We can help make funeral planning easier.

Prepaid funerals make good sense. Our fixed price options allow you to :

  • relieve your family of the burden 
  • pay in full or over 36 months
  • funds held by an independent fund manager
  • choose what you want when the need arises

If you have funeral insurance or wish for your estate to pay for the funeral, many choose to simply preplan only.


Prepaid funerals are better than insurance

  • Funeral Insurance premiums usually go up every year. If you can no longer afford to pay, you’re likely to lose every cent you’ve paid so far.
  • A Natural Funeral Company Prepaid Funeral Plan can be arranged on a payment plan, with no price increases. And once it’s paid for, there are no ongoing costs.

  • When your family does need to claim your Funeral Insurance, they’ll pay the current cost of a funeral, and your Funeral Insurance may not be sufficient to fully cover the costs.
  • A Natural Funeral Company prepaid is a contract locked in at today’s prices. The cost of funerals will, inevitably, increase over time but your family won’t pay a cent more, not matter how many happy, healthy years you have ahead of you. Everything detailed in your fixed price contract will be honoured – guaranteed.

  • You must continue to pay your Funeral Insurance generally until the day you die. It may end up costing you more than the cost of a funeral but there will be no refund.
  • A Prepaid Funeral is capped at today’s prices. No more to pay.

  • Most insurers only cover accidental death in the first year (sometimes in the first 2 years), so if you die of a terminal illness, you won’t be covered.
  • A Prepaid Funeral is guaranteed – no matter the cause of death.

For more information on Prepaid Funerals please contact us today.

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Questions and answers about prepaid funerals

Q: Where is my money held ?

A: Funds are secure. The prepaid funeral investment is held independently and invested in a capital guaranteed funeral benefit fund by either Lifeplan Funeral Plan Management or Foresters Friendly Society.  In the event that we cease to operate, your money will still be available to meet the cost of the funeral with an alternate Funeral Director of your choice.

Q: Is my money safe? Can I lose it ?

A: A legally binding contract is created between you and ourselves as your chosen Funeral Director. Copies of your funeral requirements at today’s prices (the contract) are held by yourself and ourselves. Monies are invested via the fund provider with money only released to us upon a death.

Q: What are the methods of payments ?

A: Payments are generally by direct debit, cheque or cash.  Other options may be available by simply contacting us.  Credit cards are not accepted.

Q: Why choose pre-paid funeral rather than a bond?

A: A funeral bond is like a one way savings account, specifically designed to help you save for future funeral expenses. All money that goes into a bond (plus interest) goes towards the funeral at the time of need. Nothing is locked in at a fixed price with a funeral bond.  A prepaid funeral is a fixed price plan at today’s price (no more to pay) no matter when the time comes in the future.

Q: When paying by instalments, what happens if I die before it’s paid off ?

A: The amount paid can go against the cost of the funeral or your estate can pay the balance and the funeral will be provided as provided in the contract.  We set all payment plans to be over 36 months so as to hopefully avoid this happening.

Q: If there is no funeral (ie: a person dies and a cremation has taken place overseas), what happens to the money ?

A: It is refunded to your estate.

Q: Can the contract be changed ?

A: Of course, your wishes may change over the years. For example, a change of flowers, coffin type or location may be needed.  Simply let us know in writing and we’ll make the necessary changes and update our records and your Certificate.

Q: What happens to my money if a funeral company ceases to exist ?

A: Your money is held in trust by a government accredited fund manager – separate to us so your money is safe and can be used at the time of need by another Funeral Director of your choice.

Q: Is there any more to pay at the time of the funeral ?

A: Generally No. Once you have paid for your pre-paid funeral, there is no more to pay for the services identified in the pre-paid contract. The exceptions are the cost of transport if you die overseas or interstate (travel protection cover is available for regular interstate travellers), and any additional items or upgrades requested by your authorised next of kin at the time of the funeral.

Q: Are you Australian owned and operated ?

A: Yes.  We are South Australian owned and operated.

Q: Can anyone pre-arrange a funeral ?

A: Yes.  Age and health do not matter when planning ahead or setting a a prepaid funeral or funeral bond..

Q: Will my pension be affected ?

A: No, pre-arranging and pre-paying for your funeral is not considered an asset, so your pension and taxation will not be affected.

Q: Does the prepaid funeral plan include a burial plot, headstone or memorial location for remains in a cemetery ?

A: No.  This is something separate to our plans and generally can be sorted out directly with your chosen cemetery. 

Q: How does my family know they are getting the funeral I arranged and paid for ?

A: A copy of the details of your prepaid funeral plan will be contained in a folder, which you should keep with your Will and other personal and legal documents. Make sure your family know where these documents are.