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Traditional Coffins and Caskets

As well as providing eco friendlier coffins and caskets we can also provide traditional designs. 


A customwood coffin in a decorative finish.  Our most basic coffin for gnerally unattended services.

Eton Teak Satin

Our most popular veneer coffin made from low polluting E0 mdf with a light teak appearance.

Eton Sapelle

A cedar colour in a gloss finish. 

Banksia Oak, Walnut or Rosewood Gloss

Flat lid design in a gloss finish available in a variety of colours.

Banksia Two Tone Shaded

A unique coffin with a walnut stain applied to the lid edging and all the surrounding edges of the box.  Available with goldtone fittings.

Wiltshire Walnut

Single raised lid design available with a variety of handle combinations in a walnut gloss colour.

Wiltshire Rosewood

Single raised lid design available with a variety of handle combinations in a rosewood gloss finish.  Also available with goldline panels.

Calvary Rosewood

A religious looking coffin with a substantial cross routed into the lid.  Available in a rosewood gloss.


Banksia White Bianco

Full gloss white flat lid coffin available with either gold or silver fittings.


Double raised lid design available in a rich rosewood or sapelle gloss finish. 

Whiltshire White Bianco

Raised lid design coffin in a full gloss white with goldtone and wooden drop bar handles.


An old school design coffin with a high dome lid available in a rich rosewood gloss finish.

Grecian Urn Casket

Australian style casket with high raised and hinged lid, full rucked drapery with a choice of handles.  Available in a rich rosewood gloss finish.

Expression Range

Decorative range of coffins with a variety of different designs available or choose to create your own.

Whitehall Camphor Laurel

A beautiful natural timber coffin with a light oil finish.

Denman Cedar

Solid timber coffin in a cedar stained finish.