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Shroud Burial - Wirra Wonga

These are images from an actual shroud burial.  The harness to move the shroud panel onto the lowering device has already been removed in all images.


The deceased has been transported to the burial ground in a normal coffin.  This is a legal requirement.  Once we arrive at the graveside we remove the coffin from the vehicle and pallbearers will then lift the shroud out of the coffin and place the shroud on the lowering device.

Once the graveside service is complete we lower the shroud into the grave.  All natural burial graves are dug to level 1 (which is the closest level to the surface).  The only plastic is the nameplate when can be seen placed on top of the shroud.

Families can choose to use hand lowering tapes and lower the shroud into the grave by hand or use the lowering device.  Once the service is complete all natural burial graves are immediately filled by the cemetery.  

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