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Online planning service

This page allows you to either preplan a funeral for the future or to plan a funeral now. Please complate as much of this form as you feel comfortable with.  We will be in contact to confirm receipt of this form and to answer any questions you may have.

All information remains confidential.

Online Planning

Please complete as much of the following form as you are able to or comfortable with. All information submitted remains confidential.

For AT NEED : We will call you ASAP to confirm receipt of this online form and to discuss arrangements further. For PREPLAN / PREPAID : We will call you the next business day to record in our files the details submitted and answer any questions you may have.

Next Step : Request a transfer (at need only)

Unless directed to by our team, this is an optional form.  By submitting this we will start to make transfer arrangements on behalf of the family.

May people choose to complete this form online if they are not up to talking to anyone at the time of a death.

Request a transfer


authorise The Natural Funeral Company (TNFC) to transfer from place of death, or from the State Coroner

who passed away at

I am the authorised representative of the family, executor or other appropriate person and have the full right to make such request. I understand that if I request TNFC to transfer the above mentioned deceased and then select a different funeral director, TNFC will charge a transfer fee payable prior to release of $350. This is not a contract for funeral services and the authorised person will only be liable for transfer costs. If, upon arriving at location where you have advised TNFC that the deceased person is located, finds that another funeral director has already undertaken the transfer, the transfer fee will apply.

It's free to preplan

Once we have received your preplan form we will call or email you to confirm information, your requests and to answer any questions you may have.

Once complete we will prepare a "statement of your wishes" and post this to you.  This will outline all your requests and assist your family when the need arises.

Ask a question

24 hour free advice and assistance.

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