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How much does a funeral cost ?

Centennial Park

Essential Service fr $3,600


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Outdoor service area - Centennial Park Cemetery

A beautiful outdoor area next to the Jubilee Chapel Complex.  Seating for 100 with provision of audio equipment and drinking water.  This is a unique alternative to a chapel service surrounded by established roses and gum trees.


Whats included

  • Professional service fee
  • Cremation fee
  • Cremation permit
  • Certified copy of death certificate
  • Funeral Director Celebrant
  • Coffin (talk to us about which design)
  • Viewing
  • Use of outdoor service area at Centennial Park
  • 12 Line Funeral Notice - Adelaide Advertiser M-F
  • Small fresh floral sheaf of flowers and basket of petals
  • Memorial book - if requested
  • Water table and Glasses
  • CD Music as requested
  • PM service bookings - dryer grass !
  • Mortuary preparation
  • Doctors Certificates for cremation provided
  • Transfer from place of death all hours

Price of included services as shown above is $3,600 incl GST

Why outdoors ?

This style of service is most appropriate when:

  • A person has requested that there is a more traditional funeral gathering with an eulogy in a garden setting
  • Families would like a location more natural. 
  • Car parking is not a problem with Centennial Park having parking right next to the outdoor areas.
  • Cremation or burial is held in the same location

The funeral process

When someone dies it can be a difficult time.  We are available 24 hours to help bring your loved one into our care and offer advice.

Once the necessary clearances have been obtained we will collect the person who has died and look after them in our mortuary. We do not undertake any invasive procedures such as embalming.

The next step in arranging a funeral is preparing the required paperwork during the funeral arrangement. The information required relates to the Next of Kin, family information for Births Deaths and Marriages and required cemetery information. We take care of all the required medical certificates or liase with the State Coroner.

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