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Direct Cremation Services

Direct cremation is the most simple and affordable of all cremation services.

Generally provided for when there is no need for a formal funeral service, or when family are going to hold their own memorial service.

How much does a funeral cost ?

Direct Cremation 


Using the viewing room at Centennial Park

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No Service Cremations

Many people don't want any form of funeral service.  Some families simply want to visit to say goodbye privately to a loved one. Our direct cremation service caters to these needs with an affordable option.

Direct Cremation ( Centennial Park Viewing Service )

From  $2,050 Fixed Price

Designed as a no frills simple and affordable service. 


  • Professional services fee
  • Cremation fee and permit 
  • Essential Care 1.8m Coffin
  • Mortuary care 
  • Certified copy of death certificate
  • Medical documentation
  • Transfer from place of death all hours / metro region
  • Suitable for transfers from a private home or aged care home

This service is ideal when you don't want a formal service but the family and closest friends need the opportunity to say farewell.  

Why direct cremation ?

A direct cremation service is a no fuss simple option, most appropriate when:

  • A person has requested that there is no formal funeral service.
  • Families would prefer to arrange a memorial service without the coffin present.
  • Where costs are a concern.
  • People who decide to celebrate a loved one’s passing with a simple viewing only for immediate family.
  • Work or travel commitments, distance, medical circumstance make a traditional-style funeral in a timely manner not practical
  • The person has outlived most friends and/or family.

The funeral process

When someone dies it can be a difficult time.  We are available 24 hours to help bring your loved one into our care and offer advice.

Once the necessary clearances have been obtained we will collect the person who has died and look after them in our mortuary. We do not undertake any invasive procedures such as embalming.

The next step in arranging a funeral is preparing the required paperwork during the funeral arrangement. The information required relates to the Next of Kin, family information for Births Deaths and Marriages and required cemetery information. We take care of all the required medical certificates or liase with the State Coroner.

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