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I Want To Be A Tree

How to be a tree

For over 25 years the United Kingdom have been pioneering the development and establishment of natural burial grounds.  In South Australia we have two formal grounds at Enfield Memorial Park and Smithfield Memorial Park.  Natural funerals are formaldehyde free with no synthetic chemicals used, minimal plastic and natural fibres used to wrap or dress the deceased. Natural Burials are all about being returned to the earth to compost into soil nutrients with a native tree marking the spot.

The Natural Funeral Company are leaders in developing products and services for natural, or earth friendly funerals.


Wirra Wonga at Enfield Memorial Park      Smithfield Memorial Park (new)      A grave with a young sapling growing

First choices to be a tree

After all the paperwork and planning is complete the essential need on the day of a funeral is a coffin or shroud that is natural.  The Natural Funeral Co. have the largest range of natural products to facilitate this.  We generally suggest a Eco Coffin made of recycled cardboard as the most versatile means as a viewing can be held more easily, it can be used in a chapel and allows a more smoother transition from hearse to the grave.  Shroud burials are equally as green  but the law requires a shroud to be transported within a cemetery inside a coffin then removed.  This can be cumbersome but we have the methods to make it happen. 

We also have a large range of wicker/willow/bamboo coffins to consider if this is more to your liking.


What type of natural burial suits you ?

There are many forms of service available. For natural burials they can be generally placed into three styles :

  • Graveside only - no mourners present
  • Graveside full service 
  • Chapel or Church then graveside

Graveside only with no mourners is not common but does occur when there are no family or large friends network.  It is the least expensive means.

Graveside full service involves the choice of basic or full canopy and setup.  A service is held right where the burial is to take place, usually lasts about 30 minutes and involves the family and friends carrying the coffin or shroud to the grave. A full setup involves 20 chairs, water, double canopy and the option of memorial book and music graveside.

Chapel or Church services are more traditional services held in a cemetery chapel or your preferred church followed by graveside committal.



What you can't avoid !

The cemetery fees,

Cemetery fees involve and number of aspects that are essential. 

The first is the licence (also known as grant) to a site for a set number of years.  The two main natural burial grounds in Adelaide have licences for 99 years.

The second is the grave digging (also known as interment fee).  This fee covers the clearing, digging and back-filling the grave after the service.  

Every cemetery has different fees and charges for their graves so please contact us for specific pricing.  Some permit or include a tree and others may allow a natural burial but not a tree planted on the grave.

Wicker coffin with a full grave setup.


Ecopod - A USA product

A shroud burial as depicted rather

awkwardly on the US TV series

Six Feet Under in 2005.

On request we can arrange for the floor of the grave to have a bed of leaves placed in it for a softer appearance.

Natural Burial Ground Licence and Interment Fee

There are a couple of fixed costs that do not differ between funeral directors, these are the cemetery fees.

There are two cemetery charges that cannot be avoided, the licence (for 99 years) and interment fee (gravedigging to level one depth).

Current fees are :

  • Licence  and Interment Fee : $ 6,600 incl GST

These prices are relevant to the two Natural Burial Grounds in SA


Natural burial is the most ecological funeral option, a thoughtful legacy for future generations. You can have a sense of peace knowing you'll be in the landscape you love.

With our support and inspiration you'll have the time and space to do things your way. Afterwards, families can return to the quietness of the surroundings, the local bird life and their memories.


Be a tree

If you don't wish to be buried but still want to be a tree we can help.  Our scatter tubes can be modified to allow the planting of a tree or you can choose a bios urn (shown below).  Many simply place cremated remains in a deep hole, place a lot of potting soil on top and plant a tree on top.  As long as the remains are deep, so they can disperse into the soil before the tree roots reach them, it will be fine.


Green, or natural burial is a way of caring for the dead with less environmental impact that aids in the conservation of natural resources, reduces carbon emissions, protection of funeral employees health, and the restoration and preservation of habitat. Green burials use non-toxic and biodegradable materials.


The topic of cremation and pollution.

Cremation actually uses far fewer resources than almost any other disposition option but it does have environmental impact. The crematoriums in Adelaide are modern and over the years emissions have been reduced considerably.  There are several things that happen to “green” cremation such as recycling medical parts, and carbon offsets. We contribute to a fund for every cremation we arrange.

We live green

The principals of The Natural Funeral Company live green with an off-grid solar powered home, self contained water supply and replanting of 10 acres back to bush from barren paddocks.

We live the life and can talk the lifestyle and are happy to offer advice to those who seek the same.