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Burial costs


Welcome to the Natural Funerals 'Direct Burial Services Guide'.  

Unattended Burial Services

Direct Burial Package from $2,400 plus cemetery fees

Designed as a simple unattended burial graveside with no formal service


  • Professional services fee
  • Essential 1.8m Coffin or Eco Coffin
  • Mortuary care
  • Certified copy of death certificate
  • All medical documentation
  • Transfer from an Adelaide Public Hospital or State Coroner



Natural Burial Ground


 Wirra Wonga, South Australia’s first official natural burial area, is a tranquil bushland environment that offers a unique final resting place.

In natural burial, the body (or cremated remains) is prepared for burial or interment without chemical preservatives and an eco friendly biodegradable coffin or casket is used. The body or remains are returned to the earth to decompose naturally and be recycled to new life.

Located at Enfield Memorial Park, Wirra Wonga, the Kaurna name for ‘bush grave’, has been cultivated using plants indigenous to the adjacent Folland Park Reserve and over time the bushland will become a living and lasting natural memorial.

In an endeavour to keep the habitat as natural as possible there is no physical identification at the site of burial, but accurate plotting and recording is undertaken allowing current and future generations to locate the place of burial. There are no headstones, vases or flowers at the graveside. Double graves are side by side, to avoid damaging any existing root growth.

At Wirra Wonga the names of those interred may be recorded on a communal memorial stone at the entrance to the area.

Wirra Wonga provides for both single and companion burials and the interment of cremated remains.

Please click here to download Wirra Wonga brochure.

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How It Works

How it Works - The Legal and Practical Thing To Consider 

1.  Legal documentation

Firstly, The Natural Funeral Co. will meet you at home or our office to help you complete the following paperwork. All of these documents are straightforward and we will guide you through.

  • Doctors "Yellow" Certificate. States initial cause of death. 
  • Doctors  Partial Certificate - Death by Natural Causes  This certificate is required by cemeteries to allow a burial to take place. .
  • Certifed Copy of Death Certificate Form: Details of the deceased are collected during the formal arrangement and used to apply for the legal Certificate required for estates, probate etc.

(In some cases where the coroner is involved, the Doctors Certificates are replaced by forms provided by the State Coroner.) 

2.  Collection and care of the body

Once we have your authority to act on your behalf, we collect the person who has died and look after them in our mortuary. We avoid invasive procedures such as embalming –  leaving the body in its natural state.

3.  Identification

An identification is required prior to a burial taking place.  We will ask you to sign two copies of this form. 

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