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Cremation or Burial



Some things to consider about a cremation:

  • It can cost less than a burial, sometimes less than half.
  • The funeral service can be held at a crematorium chapel. There are many different capacities from 30-250+ and have lounge facilities attached.
  • The service may also take place in a church or another location before going to the crematorium for an unattended cremation.
  • There will be a strict time limit for the length of the service. This will vary depending on the crematorium
  • You will need to decide the final resting place of the ashes (also known as cremated remains). You can keep the ashes in the plastic urn they come from the crematorium in, select a nicer urn, scatter or bury them.


Some things to consider about a burial:

  • You may already have a family grave or plot. We can arrange for this to be reopened and for any other matters relating to the grave be sort out before burial
  • In some areas, burial space may be limited or may be very expensive
  • You might want to reserve plots or a large plot if you or your family want to be buried close by
  • Natural burials are now available in Enfield Memorial Park at Wirra Wonga burial ground.
  • You can hold the funeral service in a local church or in a cemetery chapel. 
  • You can hold the funeral service at the graveside if you want.
  • After the burial you will need to consider if you want a memorial headstone, or a new inscription on an existing headstone.

There are many options when it comes to burial. As a general guide the following are typical services:

  • A graveside burial service
  • A chapel service followed by a burial service in the adjoining cemetery or the cortege could drive to the cemetery
  • A church service followed by the cortege driving to a cemetery for the burial service



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