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Deaths Reported to the State Coroner

Usually a police officer or doctor will notify the State Coroner of any death that may be a reportable death.

A death must be reported to the State Coroner where it has occurred:

  • unexpectedly, unusually or by a violent, unnatural or unknown cause
  • on a flight or voyage to South Australia
  • while in custody
  • during, as a result or within 24 hours of certain surgical or invasive medical procedures, including the giving of an anaesthetic for the purpose of performing the procedure
  • within 24 hours of being discharged from a hospital or having sought emergency treatment at a hospital
  • while the deceased was a ‘protected’ person
  • while the deceased was under a custody or guardianship order under the Children’s Protection Act 1993
  • while the deceased was a patient in an approved treatment centre under the Mental Health Act 2009
  • while the deceased was a resident of a licensed supported residential facility under theSupported Residential Facilities Act 1992
  • while the deceased was in a hospital or other facility being treated for drug addiction
  • during, as a result or within 24 hours of medical treatment to which consent had been given under Part 5 of the Guardianship and Administration Act 1993
  • when a cause of death was not certified by a doctor.


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